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The St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter was established under the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. mantra of sisterhood, service and scholarship on January 11, 1998. A group of forty reclaimed and five active Sorors committed to calling themselves to a "higher order" of purpose.


Armed with a rich legacy, they established a chapter grounded in the spirit of sisterhood, which focuses on leadership development, through the five-point programmatic thrust.   By using creative initiatives they sought to reclaim and retain Sorors in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. "Come Home To Delta and Bring Your Sister With You" is the mantra of the chapter, and this vision for the chapter was given to Soror Cora Cade Lemmon and our Charter Members.


This chapter was established and principled upon educational excellence, public service and leadership development. The chapter provides an extensive array of public services aimed at a five point programmatic thrust.


Since its formation, the St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter activities have involved Delta members as volunteers in direct services, catalysts for community action, recruiters of interagency support, and leaders in networking and partnership building with other organizations.


Carolyn S. Bernard*

Cheryl Calhoun

Angela R. Cherry

Richelle S. Clark*

Anne-Marie Clarke, Esq.

Pamla V. Cole

Rhonda Williams-Cross

Mary Ann Daggs

Cheryl Diggs

Elaine Diggs*

Bette Spence-Dix

Mary Ann Dunlap

Iris Golliday-Ferguson, Esq.

Juliana Dickson-Garwood

Arrica Watson-Gilmore

Ruth B. Goins

Cheryl Yvette Harmon, DDS

Aleshia Clarissa Harold

Castella Henderson

Karen Jeanette Johnson

Virginia McAfee-Jordan

Betty Jean Kerr*

Winifred Walton Lemmie

Cora Cade Lemmon

Judith F. Lynum

Deborah E. Marshall

Irene Moore

Kimberly M. Nance

Lauren Lemmie-Pearson

Jessie C. Peterson*

* Deceased

Carolyn J. Pryor, MD

Bettye Walker-Reed

Mildred E. Shelton*

Rogeryln Simington

Johanna R. Strong

Ayanna T. Swinton

Beth Ann Thomas

Cheryl F. Walker

Denise Williams-Walls, Esq.*

Carol Mosby-Washington

Cynthia A. Watson

Wilma M. Wells, PhD

Regina Wells

Louise T. Wilkerson

Regina L.C. Williams

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