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From the sorority's first public act of participating in the historic Women's Suffragist March just six weeks after its founding in January 13, 1913 through today, our sorority is committed to the betterment of our society through social action. 


The Social Action Committee has been enlisted by Grand Chapter to help mobilize the African-American family for the 21st Century. The Committee has created links with other organizations within the greater St. Louis community that share the sorority's vision of public service. The committee will support the work of these local organizations and agencies that are active in educating and empowering African-Americans in social, economic, political and cultural issues. The Social Action Committee also provides ongoing information and updates to enhance functional knowledge of and involvement in social action issues. 


Additionally, the Social Action Committee will tackle issues surrounding political awareness and involvement.  In these areas, the Social Action Committee will address quality of life issues and effect positive change on legislation affecting the African-American community. The committee will also seek to open channels of dialogue with public policy makers, jurists, and legislators through participation in Delta Days at the National level as well at the State level.  

The St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter is working on several Social Action Initiatives and you can help us and our community.  Take some time to review the initiatives below. 



We are calling upon all members of our Sorority and those who would join us in this endeavor to:

  1. Contact your member of Congress to voice your vehement outrage about this immoral, inhumane policy. 

  2. Demand that Congress end any further practice of separating families by passing    S. 3606 the Keep Families Together Act. Register yourself, your friends and family to vote.


With the push to confirm the Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, Roe vs. Wade, the AffordableCare Act, Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are laws of the land that could be in jeopardy. The African-American community could face potential stripping of laws under an ultra-conservative and biased judicial system that will turn back the clock on civil liberties and human rights. 

We must send a strong message, “No Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing until after the Midterm elections.” 

Starting Friday, July 13, 2018, our National Social Action Commission is asking you to call your US Senate office for thirteen hours daily, every hour and thirteen minutes, for the entire day.  (For example, 8:13 am, 9:13 am etc.)

Click Here to find your Senator.  Click Here to read more information about this nominee.

Voting Rights is of the utmost importance to our community and one of the rights that is continuously challenged by new policies seeking to limit the voice of our people through restrictions.


The Social Action committee closely follows Missouri laws as it relates to voting to ensure our community is informed of what is needed when going to the polls on election day.

How Can You Help?    

  • Register yourself, your friends and family to vote.

  • Assist those without transportation to the polls on election day.

  • Educate yourself on voter ID rules to assist those in need on election day. Click Here to read the latest ID requirements.

  • Visit to create a sample ballot based on your zip code.


"Delta Sigma Theta has long held the position that we can save thousands of lives with common sense measures such as universal background checks, waiting periods for gun purchase and raising the gun purchase age to 21 years old."

~ Beverly Smith, National President

Our National Social Action Commission has put advocating for gun reform policies as a top priority for our sorority.  The goal is simple, hold elected officials accountable to put common sense gun control laws in place.  

Specifically, in Missouri, the following bills have been brought forward regarding gun control: HB1865, HB1326, HB1733, HB1936, HB1937, HB1256, HB2281, HB2081.  We encourage you to reach out to your state representative to make sure your voice is heard regarding these bills. 

Click Here for a list of state representatives. 


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was put in place to ensure all Americans have access to healthcare.  The actions of this administration have been to limit the registration of those enrolling in healthcare exchanges which could potentially cause insurance premiums to soar.  Furthermore, it would also remove requirements, basic benefits and protections that were written into law as part of the ACA.  This could drastically affect persons with disabilities, women and people of color.

Our committee encourages you to advocate for the ACA  by contacting your Senators and Representatives to voice your displeasure and concerns regarding policies and actions that intentionally harm our communities.  


We also will begin sharing information regarding the open enrollment periods and ask you to share this information on your social media pages to assist those who may be looking to get covered under the ACA.  


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